Purchase Agreement


The Short Version!
Upon payment of this invoice, you will download an image and we grant you one single license, for one single commercial use!
1 Licence / 1 Use!  It's simple!

So if you are marketing a house for example, you can use this image to market that house only.
You cannot download an image of an area and use it for 10 different house sales.
It's a very cheap, simple, honest system and allows us to keep updating new shots for you!

If you should decide to do the wrong thing, please note that we do run an online digital detective service and it's only a matter of time before our image comes up on the system and a breach will be served.

The Longer Version! 
All visual materials remain the property of CVP P/L, or Hypervision Creative at all times.

This is a purchase agreement only and does not grant any automatic right of use. Royalty Free does not mean Copyright free. 
This sale is offered in conjunction with a licence agreement. The agreement is available on request or for download.
No licence, means no permission. These images are for single use, unless a written blanket release has been supplied to you by the owner. 
A single licence must be bought for each and every use. At no point do we suggest any image is released for all purposes. Caution is advised using any images featuring general public faces.

Copyright Notice, Disclaimer, & Release:
Upon payment of this invoice / licence, CVP Pty Ltd grants you (the client) a single license for public use. This does not allow re-sale or items to be produced for re-sale. The photographer, (& CVP P/L) retain ownership and/or management rights of all images / video at all times. We make no warranty that any images will be suitable for any given purpose or that any image is cleared of copyright or release for your intended purpose. We grant licence with no warranty whatsoever. This is a single licence use only. You may not sell or distribute this work without written permission. All images are supplied in accordance & in conjunction with our standard terms, conditions & licensing. 

All rights are reserved. No part of any images downloaded from this site may be re-produced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods, without proof or receipt of a licence payment, or the prior written permission of the owner. For permission requests, write to the copyright owner, addressed "Attention: Permissions Coordinator,” at the address below.

In the event of Non Licensed occurrence a standard fee or legal action will apply as per our standard terms and conditions

All licences, agreements, terms and conditions are subject to changes without notice